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Dear Student, A couple of things that you need to know: first of all, we will not be meeting next class, because it is a holiday, Presidents' Day.

So what you need to do for next Monday is to read all the articles for session four, which you will find under session 3 in the blackboard, then you need to write you to page critique as per usual. Only this time, you will need to post your critique the wiki. You'll also see that I posted on the home page of the wiki twoPowerPoint.

The first one is an exercise that you need to also do for next Monday. By Monday I would like you to take the PowerPoint slide number three in the first PowerPoint which is posted on the home page of the wiki. You will find there table with a list on the left-hand side of five or six international business phenomenon. You need to explain these phenomena and briefly in one line or so, using the theories that are listed at the top of the page. You will find the material about these theories in the following places: 1)) in session four of the blackboard there is a PowerPoint slide is called "overview" and this gives an overview of the main theories in international business. 2) you will find a PowerPoint posted on the home page of the wiki, this will also be a summary of the main theories in international business. 3], you will find in the readings on in session four of the syllabus pertain to the theories that will help answer questions and helping to fill in squares on the PowerPoint and post it on the wiki.

Also, you will need to write your two- page critique for session 5 by which will be due when we meet in class for session 5 in two weeks. Also, please note that we have struck the following articles from the syllabus. Session 4: number one, number two, number seven, number nine. Session 5 number two, number four, number seven. This will lighten your leading your reading load.

Finally a reminder, your draft of your theory paper is due to the other students for session 6. When you do your peer evaluation of the others papers, You have the choice to do 1) in bullet point style, though in one or two pages or to2) use the " track changes" function in word and insert your comments in that way. As you can see there is much to do. I'm going to ask you if you have any confusion to first check with the others to as they will help you, as I have designed the course to maximize social learning one student in other so please follow through with that approach.

Also the final exam is individual, choose 3 questions to answer with a maximum of 15 pages. Due last class

Best regards, Louise